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INFINITI QX56: The Ideal Family Vacation Car

The Infiniti QX56 is a roomy, robust SUV with enough space to seat up to eight people - its large size and ease of handling make it an ideal choice for families who enjoy long vacations out on the countryside. This luxury model is made for recreation, with full 4WD capabilities and a chunky, yet refined frame. It is one of the many pre-owned Infiniti models available in our Vancouver dealership.

Suave, Throwback Design

The Infiniti QX56 has a suave, current look with a chunky, smooth-edged profile. Despite its decidedly modern design, it nevertheless has a vague 80s inspired feel to it, reminiscent of the tall wagons that were so popular during that era.

This gives the vehicle a balanced profile with just the right proportions. This model is a bit shorter than its predecessors, yet is also wider and longer to accommodate more cabin space. You get a shorter wheelbase that shaves off at least 2.1 inches from the distance between its axles.

The interior of the QX56 is equally sleek, filled to the brim with all of the latest electronics. It has a high-resolution LCD display in the cabin, with built-in navigation and a hard drive for maps and music storage. It also comes with Bluetooth audio streaming and USB connectivity for use with your favorite gadgets - kids will love to plug in their iPhones and other devices to easily access their playlists.

Spacious and Easy Handling

The QX56 comes with lots of leg room, especially in the driver's seat. It has three rows of seats, with multiple configurations to decrease and increase the available seating space. You can fold over the back rows to allow for more storage space or keep them up to seat a large group.

This SUV performs well both on-road and off-road, with independent suspension and 22-inch wheels for a smooth ride. It comes with an automatic leveling setup that allows it to tow up to 8,500 pounds behind it.

Steering is remarkably light and easy to handle, which makes it a comfortable vehicle to drive both within the city and in the countryside. Overall, the Infiniti QX56 is a great family car for the adventurous.

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